01 September 2008



A discussion with a mate the other week about what sort of music was covered by the term 'Psychedelic' was the inspiration for this loosely mixed compilation. We both agreed that it could be anything from 60's/70's rock, jazz, funk, a bit of prog, kitch/camp grooves and even a bit of disco. I picked out a bunch of LP's I considered to be 'psychedelic' and recorded my favourite tracks from them. The last couple of weeks have been spent getting the track selection right, doing the odd edit and getting the whole thing sequenced nicely. This is the end result, any feedback greatly appreciated. Keep an eye on the blog as I'll be posting up the tracks from the mix in unmixed format, along with some details for each.

acidbearboy - Psyche-Out.mp3


1. Billy Cobham - Quadrant 4
2. Lighthouse - Mountain Man
3. George Duke - Floop De Loop
4. Be Bop Deluxe - Shine (live)
5. Stardrive with Robert Mason – Rushes
6. FM - Slaughter In Robot Village
7. White Noise - Love Without Sound
8. Mystic Moods Orchestra - A Man And A Woman
9. A.Vuolo & E.Grande - Drops In The Wind
10. Space Art - Folkstone Hovercraft
11. Passport - Eternal Spiral
12. Nina Hagen Band – Unbeschreiblich
13. Focus – Hocus Pocus
14. The Zodiac – Aries-The Fire Fighter

Back cover with tracklist.

"Psychedelic Twilight" image from:


mmrules said...

Love the
Be Bop Deluxe !
More please..Thanks.. :)

beth said...

cant seem to get the mp3 player bit to work, but thank you for choosing my artwork to represent the psychedelic, i look forward to hering it...

trl_path said...

Any chance of a re-up of this mix?

acidbearboy said...

Try this link instead


trl_path said...

Cheers Dude!