21 September 2006

Making Me Feel So Sure

So, the irritating Robbie Williams is covering Lewis Taylor 'Lovelight' and is releasing it as his next single. Somewhat surprisingly Robbie doesn't ruin it - it doesn't have that soul that the original has, instead invoking a disco party feel. Mark Ronson is on production but in all honesty he adds little to the proceedings.

I felt it only right to post the original.

Lewis Taylor - Lovelight

Lewis Taylor was one of the UK’s soul scene great hopes for almost a decade. He is also unique in the fact that he is the complete package. Lewis is the singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/producer on most (if not all) of his albums. Always pegged for greater things, the breakout to commercial success never came.

Lewis Taylor - Stoned Pt. 1
Lewis Taylor - Positively Beautiful

As of 2006 he is no longer involved the music industry and, apparently, is now writing comedy for the Chuckle Brothers (?!!). Such a shame - unless of course, you love the Chuckle Brothers.

All tracks posted are taken from the 2002 album, "Stoned, Pt. 1" which can be bought from Amazon

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