17 September 2006

Dr Who Dat?

Dr Who Dat

I make a point to buy everything released on Lex Records, not only because the music is routinely great but also as the CD packaging is always gorgeous - embossed sleeves, foldout inlays and not a jewelcase in sight.

Their latest release, Beat Journey by Dr Who Dat? (aka Philly MC/Producer Jneiro Jarel) is no exception on either front. Musically it reminds me of Madlib at his most hazy and loose, taking in influences from hiphop, jazz and soul to make an layered dreamlike instrumental record you can just blissfully drift off to on a sunny afternoon. As the title suggests, it works best as a complete album and other than a couple of harsher-sounding tracks which feel a little out of place, flows extremely well throughout.

Dr Who Dat? – Braziliant Thought

There's some more tracks to listen to over at Myspace and you can buy the strictly limited edition 2CD Version over at Play.


christopher keyz said...

Digging your new blog guys, nice diverse sounds. Check my blog out http://anothernightonearth.blogspot.com/, i just linked u.

christopher keyz said...

Gavin, Mail me! I'm gonna do a zip file of all the tunes i posted so far and z share it or something like that. I have been using Rapidshare only because of the lack of time limit on your post but i have to agree they SUCK!