14 September 2006

Todd Terje

Todd Olsen/Todd Terje/Tangoterje tweaks other peoples records. He has re-edited tracks by Chaka Khan, Daft Punk, Santana, Wham! and other lesser known artists. He has also put out a few tracks under his own name which were very good, but for today I'll stick with the re-edits.

Juno finally got some more copies of his wonderful re-edit of 'I Can't Help It' last week so I quickly grabbed a copy. It extends Michael Jackson's original (possibly my favourite MJ track) to over nine minutes in length, adding some subtle, shuffling percussion, while remaining true to the smooth production that Quincy Jones created to begin with. I'm not gonna post up an mp3 of it though, if you know the original and think this sounds good - just buy the 12" - you won't be dissapointed.

What I will post up though is one of the tracks on the b-side called 'Let Love Enter'. Discogs tells me that it was originally by Michael Henderson. I can't tell you much about the artist or the track, but it has a Latin-ish vibe and is really happy and swinging. Just one of those songs with a great beat and the ability to make you smile. If anybody knows the original I'd be interested to hear what's different.

Tangoterje - Let Love Enter

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