16 September 2006

The House Spectrum

I recorded a new mix today. It features many different styles of house music, from deep to bleep to funky - hence the name 'The House Spectrum'. Nothing fancy, just 2 decks, a mixer and a bunch of (old) records. Turned out alright, couple of iffy mixes but nothing awful. Tracklisting:

01. Derrick L. Carter - The Hollow Clash of Marionettes
02. Ibex - Macamba
03. Natural Rhythm - Jammin'
04. DJ Buck - Don't Take the Weight
05. Dimitri from Paris - Dirty Larry (Idjut Boys Classical Jazz Mix)
06. Torso - El Toro (Can 7 Fruitcake Mix)
07. Halo, Penn & Chus present 'Music for Playgrounds' - Vuelve a Casa
08. Derrick L. Carter - People (Alternate Mix)
09. Rev - Au
10. Drumprints One (Bug Dub)
11. Todd Bodine - The Lost Girl from Mexico
12. Freaks - Washing Machine (Sneak's Supa-Clean Mix)
13. The Drug Punks - Drug (Eric Morillo Dub)
14. Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt


Feedback appreciated (positive or negative). Thanks


Anonymous said...

Loved this, Gavin. Great stuff.

Gavin said...

Thanks, random internet person!